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ACCURATE POWER MEASUREMENT Training sessions are about to change!

Drivo is interactive and features a 24 point power measuring system,with a +/- 1% accuracy, for each pedal stroke.

The integrated power measurement system determines the watts expressed as precisely as scientific measuring devices.

Drivo combines all the advantages of a professional training tool with an easy and intuitive system.

Experience the same smooth pedalling found outdoors when training on the Drivo. The 6-kg internal flywheel has been designed to recreate the sensations of road riding. Drivo is the indoor training system with the outdoor feel.

When training in the "zone", Drivo is so quiet that the only noise heard is the bicycle chain; concentration is unbroken while pushing to new limits of performance.

Simply choose the course or the training program and Drivo will automatically adjust resistance. It is also compatible with the best apps and software on the market. Train with Elite software or third partiy apps. Addtionally, Drivo connects to computers, smartphones and tablets to manage training paremters anywhere and at anytime.

Pedaling Analysis is a new and exclusive DRIVO feature developed by Elite to monitor the rider’s power output throughout each pedal stroke.

The rider can monitor the power output variations of each pedal stroke, and will better understand the coordinated action of extensors and  exors muscles, the smoothness of the pedaling and the mechanical eficiency of the movement itself.

  • OPTIMIZE TRAINING DATA ACCURACY No wheel slippage; the Drivo is ideal for cadence, power and sprint-based training sessions.
  • SLOPE SIMULATION The high power output at lower speeds allows Drivo to simulate slopes up to 24%.
  • STABLE AND EASY TO USE The frame is very stable and can be folded quickly when not in use.

Drivo can be used with both road and mountain bikes.